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Q&A with our Founder

Have you got question about Hustle Vietnam - one of the first Boutique Fitness Gym in Vietnam? Javier - our Founder will give you better picture about Hustle Vietnam!

1.      Why did you start Hustle Vietnam?

Hustle is the result of a combination of several passions, including adventure, business, and fitness. Looking for an adventure, Erin and I moved to Vietnam and left behind our office jobs. The excitement of moving to a new country, adapting to a new culture, and starting a business fuelled  journey and led us to start Hustle. Hustle to me means much more than a fitness studio. It’s a mindset that we live by and a message I want to spread to others.

The boutique fitness market is here to stay, and we want to be at the forefront of change. Customers are smart - they see what's being offered in the USA, Europe, Australia, or Singapore - that's quality coaching, excellent customer service, and flexible memberships. For many people, a room with a bunch of exercise equipment isn’t enough. You are that customer, and I am that customer. Hustle is the result of what we’ve been looking for.

2.      What would you like to achieve in the fitness industry?

We want to build the strongest fitness brand in Asia. But first, we want to continue elevating the fitness standards in Vietnam, be the leading boutique fitness operator in the country, and grow the biggest community of those looking to live an active lifestyle. We believe there should be a Hustle in every single district and city in Vietnam, but that can only be achieved if we continue investing in our team, our community and if we collectively continue educating the people of Vietnam on the importance of health and wellness. This is only the beginning, now we have to Hustle.

3.      Why is fitness important to you?

Fitness is an area where you can’t take any shortcuts. It teaches you to put in the work, because no one else will do it for you. To wake up early, get out of bed, then go to Hustle and lift weights or do a tough HIIT class, is not easy. But if you do it consistently, it slowly starts to become the best part of your day. It’s the moment you finish the last exercise of the class or PT session; you feel accomplished, fit, full of energy, and confident. That makes it all worth it. But it all starts with showing up, consistently.

4. What is functional training to you?

Functional training is about teaching your body to move freely, to be fit and strong to handle the stresses of everyday life. Functional training allows you to work without pain, to carry your baby without getting injured, to hike up a mountain, and to dance until the night turns into day. We only get one body for the rest of our lives, let's take care of it. It's the best investment you'll ever make.

We have Group Class Training & Personal Training with science-based programs to help you achieve your fitness goals.

5. What is the most beautiful memory for you in sport?

My most beautiful memory in sport is when I first joined the football team in University in Canada. I didn’t know anyone at the university, I was far away from home and homesick. Once I joined the football team, I instantly made 22 friends that made me feel at home and I ended up experiencing the 4 best years of my life. Leaving my comfort zone wasn’t so bad in the end.

6.      Could you share a message to people who would like to start doing fitness?

Try as many sports and fitness options as possible. When a community and a sport feels right, you will know immediately. But if you don’t try, you will never know! It’s normal to be intimidated or scared when joining a group fitness activity for the first time, however we were all beginners at one point in our lives. Get out there and try.

7.      How do you see the future of fitness in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s fitness industry is developing very rapidly, and the Vietnamese are very quick to adapt to new trends and evolve their lifestyle at a crazy speed. Health and wellness are in people’s minds more so now than ever before. Technology is also shaping the way people connect with one another, seek out new activities, and educate themselves about the importance of health and wellness. Increasingly studios like Hustle are seeking to improve the quality of fitness and bring people together.

Fitness communities are forming rapidly in Vietnam. Being part of trail running community myself, I see more and more people joining fitness studios, running groups, races and connecting with one another to share a similar passion. In addition, consumers are connecting more and more with purpose driven brands and communities. Vietnam is hungry for brands that are transparent, create connections and listen to consumers' needs.


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