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Hustle Coach Spotlight: Head Coach Phat

In our ongoing series, we spotlight personalities that make up the diverse culture of Hustle. Hustle is as good as its people. It’s time we highlight all of the individuals that make up our amazing community!

You might know him because of his incredible fitness knowledge, his beautiful French bulldog turned Hustle mascot ‘Bun’, or his friendly face, Phat has more than earned his stripes as the Hustle Head Coach. In addition to coaching, Phat is also passionate about teaching, mentoring, and his afternoon naps. Let’s hear more about Phat’s journey, his life goals, and what he loves about being part of the Hustle fam.

Hi Phat! Tell us something we don’t know about you.

Hi! I’m Phat. I have been working in this Fitness industry for more than 7 years and have experienced many ups and downs. You may not know that even though I am a PT, I have graduated with a law degree. However, I did not feel the office life was for me, and instead prefer to work in a more dynamic environment where I can also help people around me, so I choose to pursue a career as a professional PT.

How did you become a Personal Trainer?

When I started going to the gym to train around 2012, I was impressed that the coaches there gave instructions to the students, and I thought they were really cool! However, at that time the Fitness industry was still in its infancy, so most people only taught based on their own experiences. Since then, I have learned more from different sources on the internet, tried it on myself, and noticed the difference. I also realized there are a lot of people like me out there who don’t know where to start from, or how to train properly. Since then, I’ve wanted to become a coach and impart my knowledge of fitness to everyone around me. I am happy to teach and see people change their health in a positive way. 

What do you love about being a part of the Hustle FAM and why?

What I love about working at Hustle is that the people here are very active and friendly. Before coming to Hustle, I used to work in many other gyms as well as work as a freelancer, but I feel that I do not have interaction and connection with many people. When I come to Hustle, I get to work with many more dynamic and talented friends, which motivates me a lot to try to learn to improve myself. At Hustle, people are always encouraged to learn and develop their own potential. This is what makes Hustle different.

What’s your favorite class to teach?

I like to teach in most classes at Hustle because each class has its own special features and requires the Coach to be flexible with each type of class. This helps me perfect many different instruction skills and gain more experience at work.

You’re incredibly strong, please explain to us how you’ve achieved this!

To maintain health as well as a toned body, I currently maintain resistance training 4 times a week. Besides, I also incorporate exercise while I teach classes as a form of cardio to help tone the body and improve heart health.

How do you spend your weekends?

On weekends, I usually take time to relax after a working week by spending time with my family or reading books. Besides, I will also prepare a teaching or practice plan for our clients for the upcoming week.

What else do you do aside from coaching at Hustle?

Besides teaching classes at Hustle, I currently have a plan in the future to teach and train PTs. Therefore, I am training a few people both inside and outside Hustle on Fitness knowledge with the hope that it can help them in their work as well as their practice.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to fitness newbies?

For those of you who are new to fitness, you should aim to learn the most basic things first. Because when you have built a solid foundation, your next training process will be easier and you will develop faster.

 When life gets hard, how do you get yourself to keep going?

For me, life always has difficulties, and I always believe that these difficulties are always present, so we must learn to overcome them. If there is a failure, it will be a lesson to help me improve myself better and will develop more in the future.

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