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Hustle Group Training Programming

Train with Purpose. We are here to take your training to the next level. Group classes should not be generic or ‘one size fits all so we have developed the Hustle proprietary training model.

Our science-backed programming is based around a 12-week cycle split into 3 phases of 4 weeks each. We believe in the idea of periodization, a technique involving modifying variations of exercise intensity, volume, frequency, and specificity within certain training periods or cycles.

With the programming changing every 4 weeks, your body will continuously adapt to new stimuli. Combining strength and conditioning to build your fitness foundation and help you achieve your most ambitious fitness goals.

Strength and Conditioning are two different areas in fitness, both of which require meticulous planning for optimal results. This is why at Hustle we have developed the following 12 week training cycle:

Phase I: (Weeks 1-4): Lean Muscle Growth and Aerobic Base Training

Strength: Lean Muscle Growth (Hypertrophy)

More volume (higher sets and reps) with shorter rest periods. Maximise lean muscle growth.

Conditioning: Aerobic base training

Longer duration efforts to target your aerobic energy system. In these sessions, expect to be burning fat continuously as you supply oxygen and nutrients to your muscles while they work. Help muscles burn fat and carbohydrate for fuel to keep you exercising for longer.

Phase II: (Weeks 5-8): Maximise Strength and Aerobic Efficiency

Strength: Maximal Strength

Heavier weight, lower reps and longer rest periods. Maximise muscle strength in these taxing sessions where you are consistently and progressively overloading muscles with higher intensities (loads). These classes are always a favourite amongst our Hustlers.

Conditioning: Aerobic efficiency

After building our aerobic base in Phase I, we now focus on improving the efficiency of our aerobic system. In this phase we combine steady state cardio with bousts of higher intensity efforts.

Phase III: (Weeks 9-12): Athletic Power and Anaerobic Endurance

Strength: Athletic Power

Athletic power is all about force and velocity. In this phase, your body will become more efficient at using its strength as it learns to activate and tap into as many muscle fibers as possible with the maximal lift. Expect supersets, plyometric exercises, resistance band work and short bursts of powerful movements.

Conditioning: HIIT training / Anaerobic endurance

Cardio programming in phase 3 is focused on helping you improve anaerobic endurance so you can perform more physical work at higher intensities for an extended period, which will result in improved speed, power and performance.


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