VOTED GYM OF THE YEAR 2021 IN VIETNAM by Fitness Best Asia




Why should you join PB Class at Hustle?

Want to track your performance over time? This is now possible with our new PB (Personal Best) timeslot. Let’s learn more about PB Class and its benefits! 1. What is PB Class? PB Class (Personal Best) is an opportunity to check your training results with 4 main lifts: Squat, Bench Press, Push Press, Deadlift and […]


Hi Hustlers! If you have joined the PB class at Hustle, you might be curious about what the two (2) rep max (2RM) test is all about. 1. WHAT IS TWO (2) REP MAX? The two-repetition maximum test is used to find out the heaviest weight you can lift for 2 reps (not three!). The […]


Strength training makes women ‘bulky’ –> False Firstly, there are a lot of women who do want to gain muscle size, and we love that! For those who want to look more lean and toned, it’s important to note that women don’t have the testosterone or growth hormone levels that men do, so ‘bulking up’ […]


Wellcome to Hustle Go Vap – one of the first Boutique Fitness in Vietnam – VOTED GYM OF THE YEAR 2021 IN VIETNAM by Fitness Best Asia!Have you never been in Hustle Go Vap? Javier & Erin – Hustle Founders & Phat – Head Coach will take you a tour and show you what is Hustle […]


Introducing our newest class – PB (Personal Best) Want to track your performance over time? This is now possible with our new PB (Personal Best) timeslot. This class will be hosted twice each cycle, at the end of Phase I and Phase II. The purpose of this class is to: –   Track performance across […]

Hustle is the only Vietnamese representative to win two awards at Fitness Best Asia Awards 2021

After 2 years of establishment, Hustle Thao Dien has won two categories of Fitness Best Asia Awards 2021 (FBAA): Gym of the year and ROAR Award – Revolution of Asian Regime (Group Workouts). Boutique fitness is a training model where people can have a truly unique work out experience through a dynamic friendly atmosphere and […]

Hustle Group Training Programming

Train with Purpose. We are here to take your training to the next level. Group classes should not be generic or ‘one size fits all so we have developed the Hustle proprietary training model. Our science-backed programming is based around a 12-week cycle split into 3 phases of 4 weeks each. We believe in the […]

Hustle Coach Spotlight: Head Coach Phat

In our ongoing series, we spotlight personalities that make up the diverse culture of Hustle. Hustle is as good as its people. It’s time we highlight all of the individuals that make up our amazing community! You might know him because of his incredible fitness knowledge, his beautiful French bulldog turned Hustle mascot ‘Bun’, or […]


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